One Thumb Up, One Thumb Down

Versace just recently launched the DV One Cruise limited edition watch that has what might be the most aggressive color scheme I have ever seen on a timepiece.  The case is matte black ceramic, the bezel is blue aluminum, the dial is red and the strap is half purple and half blue.  I’m not sure it all works, but maybe the Versace name will power it through.  I am not a fan of non-uniform straps; I think it makes the watch look like a dysfunctional mess.  I guess not all limited edition pieces can be winners…

One limited edition piece I am digging is the Graham Silverstone GMT.  The watch has a carbon fiber dial featuring orange Arabic numerals, luminescent hands, the date at 7 o’clock and a GMT hand.  The model is offered in two different versions, one with a 24-hour bezel and one with a knurled bezel and 24-hour interior ring; these 24-hour indicators are there for the second timezone function.  Both versions have an exhibition caseback and will be made in a series of 15 pieces.  The best part is the price tag of $3,995.  That is some solid bang for your buck!


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