About George Mayer

Meet George Mayer. In 2007, George graduated from Middlebury College, and soon thereafter, he accumulated a range of knowledge that rivals that of a brand representative.  By working in the watch industry for the last four years, George now has a high level of expertise in over 50 elite Swiss and German watch brands.  He has traveled to Switzerland on several occasions to see watch manufacturing up close and personal, and has met with watch brand presidents across the globe.

Please visit The Hourology Report daily, and get to know George Mayer, as you share his love of timepieces.

6 thoughts on “About George Mayer

  1. Hey George,

    Interesting that you like Breitling so much. And you sold me a Chopard.
    I have 3 Breitlings now and my lady has one.
    Mine are SOH 46, Aerospace (from 1992) and Bentley GT Racing.
    She has B Class with gold and MOP face.


  2. Thanks for a great site! I’m Midd class of ’94. Any suggestions on where I can get the “owners manual” for my recently acquired Colt SuperOcean?

  3. Ditto, thanks for the site! My newest “toy” is a SS / 18K gold Cockpit ,big date, MOP dial and diamonds on bezel totaling one carat. I like it very much.

  4. I was just searching to buy a Key-chain on net and my first option was to look whether Breitling has any key-chains because I just love Breitling Brand and I ended up on your blog.
    Nice Page..! Appreciate your effort

  5. It was great meeting you in person. This is a great blog. Nice work! I know that as long as I visit this site an a regular basis (and I will) I will be up to date with all things Breitling.

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