Tech Watch Trend?

As the world becomes increasingly high-tech, it is only natural that some tech timepieces hit the watch industry.  As I have hinted in previous blogs, I doubt tech watches will catch on for an extended period of time, but it will be interesting to see if the fad catches any steam.

The Meta Watch is meant to give people more of a practical reason to wear a watch.  It can apparently sync with Android OS to provide users with the ability to read emails, send text messages and get weather updates.  With the Meta Watch, people will not have to reach into their pocket to use their phones…  I am not buying this one.  The recent NYTimes article on watches argues that the cell-phone generation appreciates fine timepieces more than ever at the moment.

The Rock by Linde Werdelin is a little more appealing to me.  The instrument securely attaches onto any Linde Werdelin watch or can be used independently.  The Rock is an amazing tool to have while skiing or hiking in the mountains; it can measure the air temperature accurately and employs aerospace algorithms to offer highly intelligent readings.

The sensor-based device employs basic functions such as an alarm, stopwatch, the time and logging capabilities.  It is extremely easy to use as it operates with a 4-button menu system.  The Rock can be connected to a GPS device and has an optional wireless heart rate monitor that wraps around your chest.

I have yet to see The Rock in person and definitely hope to be able to mess with one sometime soon.  I have heard good things.  The Meta Watch I am not as excited to see in the flesh…