L’O – Hotel L’Orologio

A special thanks once more to everyone who participated in the polls last week.  We received a good amount of votes for each subset of watches.  It looks like the Navitimer World was the favorite from the Navitimer family, the Chronomat and the Chronomat 01 were aside one another atop the Windrider series, the Skyracer Raven was the winner in a close race amongst the Professional family, the Super Avenger took the torch for the Aeromarine series and the Mark VI and Bentley 6.75 were the favorites of the Bentley line.  The winner of the contest is listed below, while I have taken note of all of the people who took the time to give their input each day.  There will be plenty of more giveaways, and I am already working on getting in some ridiculously awesome new Breitling swag.

A buddy of mine sent me a cool article over the weekend about a hotel in Florence that is going to carry a special watch theme with it for this summer’s Pitti Uomo men’s biannual fashion show.  L’O – Hotel L’Orologio, a boutique hotel owned by luxury hotel group Whythebest, is going to hold owner Sandro Fratini’s personal collection of more than 2,000 vintage watches.

Each floor of the hotel is dedicated to a particular brand from Fratini’s collection of Rolex, Vacheron-Constantin and Patek Philippe watches.  The hotel is made up of 54 rooms, and each room is adorned with elements from Fratini’s timepieces.  L’O – Hotel L’Orologio is meant to give off the feel of a traditional men’s club and certainly looks like a gorgeous place to stay.  I think the watch theme is brilliant!

The winner of the giveaway is Steve Melendez.  Steve, please email me when you get a chance so that I can confirm where you would like me to send a copy of The Book, the Breitling lighter holder, the Breitling lighter case and Breitling utility knife.  Congrats!